ATV BC Getting out on the Un-Beaten Trail

Getting out on the Un-Beaten Trail

ATV BC Kettle Valley ExpressTo understand the Kettle Valley Rail Trail you have to travel back in time of steam-driven horse power. Can you hear the steam whistle calling, hear the “Train a Coming”? Gold was in the hearts and minds of the world! North America was the destination, getting rich was the plan, 1850 was the date. Travel was by river, trails and rails and the Kootenay Boundary was alive with great prospects of getting rich. There was rail development to the south and commerce was leaving BC.

ATV BC Kettle Valley ExpressIn 1898 the Columbia Western Rail Line was started from Castlegar to Midway. The 26km line was complete by 1901 at a cost of $5 million. This was a great improvement, it brought economic opportunities to all of the mining towns linking them together.

The Kettle Valley Rail Line continued creating the Southern route to Hope and was completed in 1911. When roads where established in the early 1960`s the trains prosperity dimmed. By mid 1970 the CPR was losing money operating at a loss due to the very expensive cost of maintaining the rail line through the mountains.

ATV BC Kettle Valley ExpressIn the early 1990’s the Kettle Valley Rail corridor from Grand Forks to Penticton was purchased by the Province of BC and in 2004 the Columbia and Western Rail corridor from Grand Forks to Castlegar was donated to the Province.

In the early 90’s the recreational sport of riding Off Road Vehicles was very limited; however since then the sport has evolved into a multi-million dollar industry, with ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) use the leading choice for touring and destination riding.

ATV BC Kettle Valley ExpressWhen we say “See BC from an ATV” we mean it! You can travel hundreds of miles in one day, see majestic mountains and scenic views, enjoy rivers and streams, wildlife and extraordinary adventures in BC’s remarkable backcountry!

ATV BC Kettle Valley ExpressExplore the rail trails and the many communities that are connected by the trail. History can be seen and felt in the many heritage sites and structures along the path taking you back to the 1800’s where it all began.

Mom, dad, the kids and teens, grandma and grandpa, young adults, families, mobility challenged and those retired, everyone can go ATVing! If you can drive a car, you can drive an ATV!

ATV BC Kettle Valley ExpressShare adventures with many generations, and make memories that last a lifetime! It’s never too late to add ATVing to your bucket list. Many folks continue to enjoy the sport well into their golden years as it allows them to stay connected with nature and the great outdoors; some say it keeps them young at heart!

Enjoy the adventure where you control the ride, from a one person sit astride to a multi person side by side, the choice is yours! Take a leisurely putt along the trail, stopping at viewpoints and rest areas along the way, or cover lots of ground and travel great distances to visit many different communities and cultures, the possibilities are endless!

ATVing is also a great way to socialize and enjoy other sports, such as getting to the ol’ fishing hole to catch “the big one” and making new friends along the trail. Local riders are helpful and friendly, always ready to lend a hand to fellow riders.

Grand Forks ATV, Greenwood ATV, Princeton ATV and Kamloops ATV are some of the many local ATV clubs that help to develop maps, safety signage, and place Kiosks along the trails, helping all users to enjoy the BC Outdoors. By developing strong partners and getting involved, these trails will be available to all users and inspire future generations to respect the BC Outdoors. “Join a Club, let Your Voice Be Heard”.

If you are interested in finding out more information about ATV clubs or ATV tourism please contact

With multi-use trails from Hope to Grand Forks, there is something unique and memorable about each region and we invite you to add these great ATV adventures and attractions to your itinerary when planning your next trip.

Forestry camping, bring your camping gear, and make the experience uniquely yours, with ride in/out access to recreation sites and forestry camping. After a day of riding and exploring the area, enjoy campfires and great times in the evening with family, friends, and the new folks you meet along the way!