Christina Lake Explore the Outdoors

Christina Lake Explore the Outdoors

Christina Lake Kettle Valley ExpressBring your family to the Provincial Park beach at the south end of Christina Lake where they can relax on the sand, picnic using the tables, and gaze out onto the calm warm waters. With plenty of sand and space along the beach to stretch out your towels, the water invites swimming or splashing around. Stay for part or all day, there are washrooms and water on site.

Christina Lake Kettle Valley ExpressBy provincial park standards it is a small park with a big beach that stretches over nine hundred feet along the shore. About a dozen picnic tables are located at the top of the sanded area next to a shady grove of trees. Pick your ideal temperature for hanging out in the sun or shade.

The shallow water stretches out a good distance with good wading or play areas for small children. Floats and paddleboards can be launched to explore the area or for an extended lounge in the sunshine.

Christina Lake Kettle Valley ExpressSeen from the south beach, Christina Lake gently folds into forested slopes to the north. A slight bend in the lake means that less than half is seen but this also creates the nice effect of overlapping hillsides fading into ­­the distance. The continuing water invites exploration of the north end by boat.

Christina Lake Kettle Valley ExpressSummer days mean sunshine and warm water at Christina Lake. Let loose your imagination on sand castles and moats or lay soaking up the sun. An occasional refreshing plunge into the waters finishes this excellent experience of Christina Lake. Come home to the lake.

Christina Lake Kettle Valley ExpressThe Fife to Cascade section of the Trans Canada Trail is an old rail bed previously used by the mining industry to transport resources in and out of the area. Find hints of that industry in leftover spots for dynamite caches in the rocks or traces of old building sites. To the left hillsides galore, where towering trees and newly budding shrubs peer out. To the right a valley below, still used today to farm cattle, green with long grasses and the Kettle River flowing in a harmonious song and dance of water.

Christina Lake Kettle Valley ExpressAs you wind your way across the pebbly trail, a sudden roar rushes out from the side. It is no lion but instead the noise of rushing water being tunnelled and forced through a small narrowing of the river flowing into Cascade Gorge. Further along the trail opens onto a bridge over the river, water twirling and roaring in a frenzy to spew down the falls and out into the river. You end up briefly on the highway before turning onto the side roads of Christina Lake and making your way back to town.

Christina Lake Kettle Valley ExpressBy the early 1890s prospecting had spilled over from Rossland into the Christina Lake region. There was much business in the area of Cascade, also known as Cascade City, including a local newspaper, the “Cascade Record”, at least five hotels, and the “Cascade Water Power & Light Co.”. Its dam and powerhouse provided power to nearby Grand Forks, Phoenix, and Greenwood and their industries. It was a marvel of its time, built on Nikola Tesla’s model of alternating current.

­­­­Christina Lake Kettle Valley ExpressSpend the afternoon golfing with friends at the Christina Lake Golf Course, an 18 hole 6785 yard course designed by Les Furber. Known for its friendly staff and helpful pros, it caters to the casual golfer and the more advanced player. The views, especially from the lower nine, feature the Monashee and Selkirk mountains, and towering pine trees. The Kettle River borders the bottom of the course with an invitation to explore it afterwards.